2021 marks the 150th anniversary of Agatangel Krymskyi – a renowned Ukrainian orientalist, linguist and scholar, one of the founders of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a victim of Stalin’s terror. He was an expert in up to 34 languages, wrote works on Arabic, Turkish, Crimean Tatar, and Iranian history and literature, and is in UNESCO’s eminent personalities list.

Ukraine has yet no museum dedicated to the memory and legacy of this outstanding scholar. One must emerge in Zvenyhorodka, a small town in the Central Ukraine, on the site of the family mansion remains.

Since April 2021 we have teamed up with A.Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies to help protect, revitalize and promote this cultural heritage site. The future museum will commemorate and tell the Krymskyi’s story, as well as invigorate the local cultural scene.